Janinto & Yejin

우리는 뉴에이지/크로스오버 음악을 하며, 한국의 남쪽 섬, 제주도에서 살고 있습니다.  이곳은 화산섬으로서 마치 천국과도 같으며, 그 아름다운 풍경들은 우리의 영혼을 맑게 정화시켜줍니다.  우리 부부 역시 그 풍경을 닮은, 평온한 음악을 만들고 노래합니다.  자닌토(Janinto)는 작곡과 노래를 하고, 예진(Yejin)은 피아노를 연주하는데, 영상촬영 역시 우리가 스스로 해내고 있습니다.  

We play New Age/Crossover music and live on Jeju Island, the southern island of Korea. This is a inactive volcanic island, just like heaven, and its beautiful landscapes purify our souls. Our couple also make and sing serene music that resembles this scenery. Janinto writes and sings, Yejin plays the piano, and we do filming ourselves.

I’m a vocalist for Newage and Crossover genre and also I’m a musical composer and arranger. I’m a man but I sing a song with color of soprano woman voice and sing a song with abstract word not common language like English, Korean and French.
Since I have debuted in 2006 through my first album on the stage of Korea, until now, I’ve worked and completed additional 8 personal albums. And I started focusing on releasing music albums towards worldwide beyond Korea since 2015.
Firstly, next year spring, 2016, the album working with Michael Hoppe titled “Heaven and Earth” will be released through Spring Hill in U.S.
Currently, I’m preparing the album “Songs of Ennio Morricone” that is about recording my voices based on Ennio Morricone’s beautiful music. Another album titled “Healing Angel” is going to be released that contains songs of Kevin Kern, Chopin, Andre Gagnon and so on. After that I’m planning to write a song in 2016. The musical subject coming from Janinto’s persue is freedom, travel, benevolence and peace. In order to express them, I use warm and abundant harmony, and mysterious vocal.
With abstract terms, Janinto sings the mysteries of life, love that shakes us up and disappears, nature which is sometimes warm and sometimes cold for us, and attention to lonely people who are having a tough time. Janinto wants to visit the place where wounded souls are sleeping and sing a heartwarming and comforting song for them. Even though our life is tough, it is also mysterious and fascinating because it is filled with unknown things. We hope that we can be newly born again with these songs we can cry or laugh together. [Tranlasted by Hannah Yoo]

Joint Work –
2007 Kia Opirus (Cha In-pyo and Shin Ae-ra Version)’
2007 Vocal featuring for the soundtracks of the movie ‘May 18’
2007 Composed the main title tracks (two songs) of the movie ‘Seven Days’
2009 Background music of a commercial of ‘111 Call Center (the National Intelligence Service)’
2010 Vocal featuring for the background music of SBS drama ‘Dr. Champ’
2010 Vocal featuring for the background music of KBS drama ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’
2010 Lecturing at the Graduate School of Performing Arts of Ewha Womans University

Performance –
Dec. 2007 1st concertat ‘Valentine Theater’ in Apgujeong-dong
Feb. 2008 Performed ‘Spring Picnic’ at ‘Banjul’ in Jongno
Jun. 2008 Performed ‘Park Chang-su House Concert’
Oct. 2008 ‘Byeolbam Tteurak Janinto Concert’ at Sejong Culture & Arts Center
Jul. 2009 Healing Music Festival in Jincheon, Chungbuk
Sep. 2009 Performed the ‘Fall Picnic’ concert at ‘Banjul’ in Jongno
Oct. 2009 Invited for the opening ceremony of Daegu Buddhism Broadcasting System
Dec. 2009 Janinto Concert at Seoul Una Broadcasting
Jun. 12, 2010 Janinto Concert at Seoul Una Broadcasting
Jun. 18, 2010 Healing Music Concert at the Concert Hall of the National Museum of Korea