A white fairy tale
It snowed a lot on our island from 23 to 25 December 2022. For those of us who create new video works, this snow was a blessing to us, and it turned our work into a beautiful fairy tale. We have compl..
We won the grand prize at the '2022 Stone Culture Park value..
This video won the grand prize at the 2022 Stone Culture Park value Promotion Contents Competition. As a narration and music video style, this work uses a form of singing and dancing to reflect on the..
We won the first prize at 'Saemangeum Development Co.' 2022
We won the first prize in the video contest hosted by the 'Saemangeum Development Corporation'.The primary theme was the constructive/historical/geographic meaning of the Saemangeum Seawall (and recla..
We won the first prize at 'Respects Humanistic Values Contes..
September 2022, we won the first prize at a video contest that respects humanistic values. This video sang about the fact that the humanities are the best tool to heal human loneliness. And I present ..
Our Awards Reported on TV News (November 2021)
On November 22, 2021, the news of our award was broadcast on JIBS (Jeju International Broadcasting System) News. The award we received was the highest award in the Genre category at JDFF (Jeju Drone F..
My Babies
I realized late that animals are also close friends.
in the flower garden.
May our lives be like this spring forever.
she's a puppy
she loves animals so much And she's cute as a puppy.
Although talented
Ye-jin has talent, but doesn't focus on her talent. I don't have any talent, but I always try.
Spring's Joy
Yejin as lovely as a flower. This photo was taken in April 2022. I miss spring.
At a small valley
This is a valley at the foot of Hallasan Mountain. There are small waterfalls and streams here, and in the late afternoon, mysterious sunlight shines through.One day we will film a song here. Five yea..