International Releases 

 (from 2016)




Classical Janinto 2 (2016.11)


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01. Largo. L'inverno in F minor,RV297,Op.8,No.4 (Handel)

02. Gymnopedie No.1 (Erik Satie)

03. Vocalise, Op.34 No.14 (Rachmaninoff)

04. Sonata No.8 in C minor, Op.13, 2nd mov. (Beethoven)

05. Nocturne Op.9 No.2 (Chopin)

06. Schwanengesang, D.957 (Schubert)

07. String Quartet No.1 in D, Op.11 (Tchaikovsky)

08. Piano Sonata No.14 in C# minor, Op.27 (Beethoven)

09. Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (Ravel)

10. Kinderszenen No.7, Scenes from Childhood      (Schumann)



Sentimental Janinto (2016.7)


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01. Noh Cah

02. Janinto

03. La Caei Hoat

04. Gern Sini Ga To

05. Laoni Noh Fah

06. Sparo

07. Ritah

08. Mavie

09. Suo Mari

10. Danfa




Peaceful Janinto (2016.5)


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The first remaded album. It includes 12 songs selected from his old songs. They were remixed and recorded again.


01. Tessah

02. Faondah

03. Noh Cah In Heaven

04. Kah Chian

05. Janinto 2

06. Terra Phenu

07. Bohm Mytah

08. Majones

09. Rowintah

10. Soli

11. Hoh Glassia

12. Fami Tami



Classical Janinto (2016.4)


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Janinto sang the famous classic songs.


01. G Air (Bach)

02. Adagio (Giazotto,Albinoni)

03. Ave Maria (Gounod)

04. Ave Maria (Schubert)

05. Ave Maria (Caccini)

06. Intermezzo (Mascagni)

07. Tristesse (Chopin)

08. Lascia Ch'io Pianga' (Handel)

09. O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini)

10. Pavane (Faure)





Heaven & Earth (2016.4)


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The Waltz of Whispers .01

The Parting .02

Prairie Moon .03

Grace .04

For What It's Worth .05

Beloved .06

Melancolie .07

Years Ago .08

Daydream .09

Lacrimosa .10 


[Michael Hoppe]


One day, in April of 2014, a miracle happened. On the stage of LG Art Center in Korea, he and Michael Hoppe played music and Janinto sang Michael's song with his benevolent language. When Michael got back to the U.S, he sent a song titled "For What It's Worth" from his songs


It seemed like a game and test with prying eyes. But the returning result took Michael's breath way. It was amazing and moved Michael's heart so they started to proceed with a collaboration album. The miracle spread out like a flower and this album is what they made. Janinto added arcane harmony and heavenly voice into Micheal's deep and warm musical humanism.


11. Gb minor for Janinto

12. Mariposa

13. Renouncement




Songs of Ennio Morricone  (2015.10)


Sentinmental Walk (Love Affair) .01

Tema D'Amore(Cinema Paradiso) .02

La Califfa (Lady Caliph) .03

Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission) .04

Malena Theme (Malena) .05

Jill's America -Acapella .06

(Once Upon A Time In The West)     



Janinto sang 11 songs of Ennio Morricone. Ennio Moricone is the most admired composer and I enjoyed his music from my childhood. Though his songs were written for films but beauty and impression in his music go beyond the range. It brings deep thoughts and comfort about life and sometimes it shows god’s area that we can’t reach a faraway heaven. I have a soul that desired heaven and comfort through his music. Ennio Moricone, I sincerely appreciate your gift that you gave to us.



07. Brothers (The Mission)

08. Playing Love (The Legends of 1900)

09. Jill's America - Acapella

     (Once Upon A Time In The West)

10. Deborah's Theme

     (Once Upon A Time In America)

11. Gabriel's Oboe - Rythm (The Mission)

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In South Korea




1st album, 2006.8




2nd album, 2007.7.2

3rd 2008.2.18



4th 2008.11.13


5th 2009.9



6th 2010.12


7th 2013.2



8th 2014.1


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