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"Intermezzo" from Cavalleria Rusticana (Lyric)
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2020-12-14 18:45



In my childhood, in the second half of elementary school, I reached puberty early, was very sensitive, and used to suffer from loneliness. One day, I took a walk through the big park alone. At that time, when the park was closed at 6 o'clock in the evening, this music resounded on the wide ground through speakers.

I was impressed by the elegance and lyricism of the music, so I stopped and deeply felt it. Eventually, now as an adult, I recorded the song. The lyrics used in the recording contained the young boy's emotion.


Lais Paso Kando

Kimo Nando

Beiya San Kagər

Gachi Yoro

Dəh O Beila Kando

La.. Lagan Besi Chəl Moh

Tohn Sika Foh

Magəndu Beifa Torlo

Oni Chiyo Lakuko Moh

Saondo Geiga Gohlo

Oni Popo Lakuko Sho

Lamifa Beila Garcho

Oni Sega Bəhfe Pala

Leiga Guo