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The first filming in Jeju, 'Timescape - Yejin.'
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2020-12-13 08:53


This is the island, it was the first music video filmed after we moved to Jeju. Early summer of 2018. The title was'Timescape-Yejin' because it was dedicated to my wife.


When I and my wife were in their 30s, there were many trials to forget. But we should not forget it meaninglessly, we had to keep an important lesson.


She has been a music fan for me for many years. Now she has become my companion, and she too has gone deep into the music. 





This island, like heaven, gives us relaxation and healing. We ran and shouted like children in heaven. 


For a rich orchestra music, we worked hard to film various scenes. Have we tried to capture all of our past years?

But in the end, we found out that simple videos are good. 


My wife as pure as an angel.  



'Timescape' is the act of looking back on time and realizing something. Protecting our dreams and love, that's a lesson we've learned over the years.