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The Old Room and River, 2015
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2020-12-18 01:07

When I lived on land, it was my last home. Since I was living alone, I only needed one small room and it was enough. The room hugged me warmly and warmly like a mother's womb. 






The river near my house was also my resting place. As I walked along the river, I used to hum songs and take pictures. During this time, I met a lot of fans in Europe and South America through Facebook. 


A small bike that could be loaded into the car. And the cuter mallard that slides on the water. 



A warm cafe that I often visited when I left work after a day's work. The cafe was built out of wood, and next to it was a large river. Also, in the summer, a wood fire burned in the yard of the cafe, warming my heart even more.

The cafe was open until 3 am and was full of customers. Isn't that surprising?