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Song From Jeju Island
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2020-12-15 02:09

That day was November 29, 2019. In Korea, it was early winter, so we had to fight the strong wind and cold. Fortunately, it was a song that could be screamed while drumming, so our fighting power was stronger.

The drum is a traditional Korean percussion instrument,'Nanta Drum', and Yejin's dance is a kind of practice enjoyed by Korean and Chinese people, they call it'T'ai Chi Ch'uan'.

I want to film Yejin's dance once again.

Jeju Island, where we live, allows us freedom and vitality.



Music Composing & Vocal: Janinto

T'ai Chi Ch'uan : Yejin

Location: 'GeumAk Orum(=Hill)' in Jeju Island