2021 Jeju International Drone Film Festival Award
"2021 Jeju International Drone Film Festival GENRE ​Category Winner 'Song From The Heaven' by Janinto (Woonyoung Park)"
'Cavalleria_Rusticana', a mountain covered with snow
I am getting old. Sometimes it's a pity, but sometimes I accept it easily.Didn't we know well? The literary inspiration that loneliness gives us. Only after I arrived in Andorum, I chose a song to sing. There was a thin layer of s..
The Old Room and River, 2015
When I lived on land, it was my last home. Since I was living alone, I only needed one small room and it was enough. The room hugged me warmly and warmly like a mother's womb. The river near my house was also my resting place. A..
When I record
I record by myself without the help of others. The way is comfortable and free. When I was working on my first album, I started recording with the help of another engineer, then stopped after an hour. That method wasn't my style.
Past Workrooms
[1st Workroom. 2007.06]2007. A year after my debut, I opened this workroom. My first album was loved by many people, was broadcast frequently on TV and radio, and received a lot of fan letters. I also recorded a lot of albums.Abd ..
Past Concerts
I had a time when I was performing on land.Remembering that makes me sad for nothing. Perhaps the reason is that I am alone.Now I am living a peaceful life on the island. [2008.02][2008. 10][2008. 10] [2008. 10] [2009.07] [2010.06..
Lascia Ch'io Pianga - Handel (Lyric)
I regret that I made too many lyrics... But in the video I definitely need to do it. People who want to cry have a lot to say. Isn't it? [Lyric]:Charos Lan Padron:Main Gəsaə Həju :Gailu Gəbyosə :Ma Pojuns Yonfa Bəfaina Hədro Naiha..
Song From Jeju Island
That day was November 29, 2019. In Korea, it was early winter, so we had to fight the strong wind and cold. Fortunately, it was a song that could be screamed while drumming, so our fighting power was stronger.The drum is a traditi..
Yejin's Healing Walk 3
Video Title: Healing Walker (Prayer 1st)Music Title: Prayer 1stAlbum: Tears from Heaven (March 2020)Composer&Vocal: JanintoWalker: YejinMP3: available on the other ..
Yejin's Healing Walk 2
Music : "Jilh's America" from the movie "Once Upon A Time In The West (1970)"Composing: Ennio MorriconeVocal, Orchestration, Camera: Janinto ( )Healing Wlaker: Yejin ( https://www.facebook..
Yejin's Healing Walk 1
When I was living alone, my friend poet told me. 'Hey, wait a bit. A beautiful woman will appear who will make the mistake of marrying you.'She was Yejin. Music 1st: Prayer-1st (by Janinto)Music 2: RiFaeNyoGa. (by Janinto)Camera..
"Pavane" - Faure (Lyric)
[Lyric]:Gailangerə~u Sharoho Weese Pəwilə :Moaho~ Nagyaga Gase Pəng D_hoLə Wiloko Kandi Yusio Bario Lista FəigoMəndə Tile Ado OkotoNa Ahbo sile Laigoso --- Interlude --- Gailangerə~ La Gəbaya Basako Moan Dəgə Ma GəbayaBasako--- In..
"Intermezzo" from Cavalleria Rusticana (Lyric)
[1982]In my childhood, in the second half of elementary school, I reached puberty early, was very sensitive, and used to suffer from loneliness. One day, I took a walk through the big park alone. At that time, when the park was cl..
The first filming in Jeju, 'Timescape - Yejin.'
This is the island, it was the first music video filmed after we moved to Jeju. Early summer of 2018. The title was'Timescape-Yejin' because it was dedicated to my wife. When I and my wife were in their 30s, there were many trials..
Her first song, 'The Water Is Wide'
This was the first time I used the Australian BMPCC 6K (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema), which is famous for its beautiful colors. Yes, this camera creates rich and beautiful colors. However, it was a very difficult and painful time bec..
The Memory for 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'
The day we filmed The Water Is Wide. The wind was so strong. About 12 ms. And because of the strong waves, our clothes get wet. Due to bad conditions, we had to go there for a week to shoot. My wife did not tire and devoted hersel..
Into The Paradise "Gymnopédies"
 4 years ago, I told to my wife. "People will find us for their desires. To be freed from it, we have to go far. To Paradise." Over the years, my wife and I have not been happy in the city of desire. So we came to this island, an..